The Glacier Bay Country Inn is tucked into the rain forest of Southeast Alaska, surrounded by spruce, pine, hemlock, and by meadows of blazing fireweed in season. It is located in the quaint town of Gustavus, a 30-minute charter flight from Juneau, on the shores of Icy Strait. Gustavus is the area's best jumping off point to visit the cerulean waters and lofty mountains of Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve.

The uniquely constructed lodge is wonderfully managed by owners Sandi and Ponch Marchbanks and their staff. It features six bedrooms with private baths, one twin bedroom with a shared bath, and four hand-crafted private cabins, each capable of accommodating four people, each with a full bathroom.

The atmosphere at the lodge is both elegant and informal; the sort of place where you'll feel at ease pulling a chair closer to the hearth or your companion while sharing the day's fish or whale-watching story.

Dinner conversations do tend toward comment on the cuisine provided by Chef Jon Emanuel, and on the breads, pastries and desserts he bakes daily. Between these observations, guests may choose

either get to know each other at the main tables, or to quietly watch the sunset from tables more removed.








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